We all think about how great it would be to have the spiritual habits in our life that would create a deep and intimate relationship with God and become more like Jesus.


So we might make a resolution to pray more, or to give more generously, 

or to do more works of mercy, or do spiritual reading, etc...


Unfortunately, although we make resolutions many of us fail to change our spiritual routines thinking that , 

other things--like getting in shape or out of debt--is more important, or we think "Well, I'll get around to that eventually"...

Or if we DO make resolutions about our spiritual lives, like...

  •  praying every day,
  •  Reading the Bible more
  •  Being more patient with our spouses or children
  • ā€‹Volunteering more at our church or the local food pantry

...ā€‹we often find that we eventually fall back into our old habits. 

Often times our efforts to become more like Jesus fall short simply because we don't have an accurate plan or a clear picture of what we need to do. 


We tend to either not know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, or most often, 

WHY we should put our spiritual life in order.  

Each of us have a particular purpose for which God created each of us to fulfill.


When we are fulfilling this purpose, we experience peace and find our lives filled with abundant blessings and graces


Sometimes we need to pause, go back to the essentials, and make sure we’re doing what we need to do to achieve our God-given purpose in this life. To "become holy like our Heavenly Father is holy." In other words, to become a saint. 

With all the essentials in one place, this step-by-step guide will help you jump start your spiritual life and ensure that your relationship with God is on a clear and firm path. 

And when our lives are built on a firm foundation, when our lives are "right-ordered,"


many of the other things that we strive for--like getting in shape, getting out of debt, 

writing a book, achieving success in your field, or not feeling overwhelmed and anxious, then all those things fall into place. 

Why? Because we are going about becoming who God created us to be.


Put FIRST THINGS FIRST and jumpstart your spiritual life today!