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An interview with Christina about 
Say Yes to Holiness ministry 
Christina Semmens
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Meet Christina
Your Host
Catholic Author, Speaker, Mentor and Entrepreneur
  • Keynote Speaker at Funnel Hacking Live, 2018
  • Forbes 40 Under 40 in Business & Marketing, 2018
  • Sold a company I ran for 7 years for $1.5b, 2018
  • Launched The Rocket Accelerator, 2017
  • Joined Russell Brunson's Inner Circle, 2017
  • Selected for the ClickFunnel's Design-A-Thon, 2017 
First, We'll Get
On The Phone
And go over what you've already got...
   What are you selling?
   What does your sales funnels look like?
   How are you generating traffic / leads?
   What are you doing on the backend?
   What do you want to achieve moving forward?
Once we have those "raw materials", we'll focus on 3 things
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And it's really that simple...
If your funnel isn't right, you can't drive traffic...

If you can't drive traffic... you can't make money.

But if you get it right... then you can scale FAST!
How Fast You Can Scale A Funnel...
When It's "Right..."
You could literally be just a few tweaks away from a winner...

Last January, one of our supplement funnels was doing about $20k a month. We then went through the SAME funnel process we do with all of our 'Inner Circle' members and by February had it up to about $30k per month.

But in March, it started to get REALLY exciting. We implemented our last set of optimizations which increased our conversions enough that now we could buy almost unlimited paid traffic. Our BIGGEST problem was finding more places to spend money!

We went from $30k a month to over $300k a month almost overnight...
Check Out These Results From Other
'Inner Circle' Members
Who Already Took The Leap Of Faith And Joined Us...
Matthew Quit... Mike Didn't
What Were The Results?
8 months ago, Mike went to a Tony Robbins seminar. The next day, both him and his friend joined the 'Inner Circle'... but the next day, his friend dropped out.

Where is Mike now (8 months later...) and where is his buddy? Watch this short video to find out the true story about what happened....

Have you been thinking about the "Inner Circle"? Maybe it's time to stop thinking and be like Mike... just start MOVING...
If you'd like to be where Mike is in the next 8 months - you better
go apply NOW (cause spots are almost gone once again...)
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